I have work in the Summer Show at the Robert Klein Gallery, 38 Newbury Street, Boston..  The image here, Palo Verde, California, is featured in the gallery's announcement.  It's from my series, Downstream: Encounters with the Colorado River.  The show is up until August 24th.    So, if you're in Boston.....


Screen shot6in.png

Work in Progress

Last summer I went to Marfa, Texas to see what I could see. I came home with what became the series Some Buildings in Marfa, but also with photographs of the big Texas sky.  Back in the studio, I made composite images for the first time ever. I let the sky dominate, then introduced a strip of ground and sometimes an artifact from the Some Buildings series.  It's liberating to move beyond the straight photograph, to play with combining photographic elements into a new whole. Below are some examples.

Palm Springs Art Museum Exhibition


In case you're in Southern California......   I have work in an exhibition at the  Palm Springs Art Museum.  The exhibition is "Journey Through the Desert, The Road Less Traveled".  It runs until November 25th.   The color image on the announcement shown here is mine:  Artists' Drive, Death Valley, California, 1989.